King Street

description's are kaw knee


friends, in my experience don’t like change.

i’ve recently acquired a girlfriend who i like to spend the majority of my time with.

now most of my life i have been “single and loving it” and i’ve always been one to hang out with my friends before hanging with a girl, and at the beginning of this new love i wasn’t even looking for love or a girlfriend of any sort. 

And the funny thing is with the few girls i have been taken with, i am usually the one to do all the chasing because, let’s admit it, it’s the fun part, but this girl chased me completely.

the tables had turned and i didn’t know what to do and how to go with it. 

being chased wasn’t necessarily new to me but this was the first time i had been intrigued by it, or even the first time i hadn’t been put off by it. 

by the time i gave in and accepted defeat i had realised i was completely in love with this girl.

in the approximate three months that have passed since then, you could count the days we have spent apart on one hand.

so you see my friends have never seen me like this. 

to be fair even i have never seen myself like this.

and here we come to the conundrum!

tonight my very close friend, who needs no back story really just know that him and i have been through a lot together, is headlining at a world famous club tonight DJing and he would really love it for me to come and support him. 

But my girlfriend is very sick with the flu and has to work early tomorrow. 

now she would like for me to look after her and to drive her to work in morning being that she doesn’t have another means of getting to work. 

now my first instinct was to say “yes i will stay home with you and look after you tonight” 

and so i told my friend what my night was going to entail.

his reaction was maybe reasonable, i haven’t decided yet but he wasn’t happy with my decision to say the least. 

he would say that i’m ‘whipped’ and only do things if it suits my girlfriend.

he would say not to talk to him and that i’m a ‘fuck head’.

and would also go on to say how much this means to him being that it is the second only time he has headlined a club this big and it’s only happens once and year.

my rebuttal being that i have supported him with many of his not so important gigs through the year that being enough i would think to suffice not attending tonight’s gig.


to tell you the truth i don’t want to go to a dingy club with loads of drugged up idiots in the first place.

i also don’t have any money at the moment so i would have to stay sober

it is also a two hour drive to the destination.

if i were to go i would have to endure 4 hours of road tripping, which in that sense sound fun but i assure you isn’t, in the graveyard hours of the night.

also i would be forced to stay sober which for me to be in a place like that can only be salvaged by copious amounts of alcohol.

now i know